How to design and create a board game

Enter the Spudnet Game Board and Tokens
GIF of our board game design process

Alright, the first question is where do we start?

Start with a design brief

Ideas from our collaborative sketching session

From idea to a playable game

Balancing movement on the board

Shortest paths from one node of the network to another

How do we design and balance for such areas?

Example of Node Connectivity Visualization from Graph Online

Constructing the game world & A/B Testing

A/B testing our designs through social media

Prototyping the board game

(left) paper prototype | (right) board prototype
Rapid prototyping of cards using Airtable
From 3D models to painted laser-cut tokens

And there you have it!

Final Production Copy of Potato Pirates 2: Enter The Spudnet

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